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Professional self trained musician with over 20 years production experience from Bundaberg, Queensland Australia. Offering Music Mastering Service & Professional Mixing Advice.

Welcome To DMS Productions

Hello everyone, and welcome to my studio website. As you may know, my name is Damian, I am a Songwriter/ Producer who has been producing music for the last 21 years using MIDI technology with various computer music software. 

In my humble beginnings, way back in 1996, I really had this urge to create my own songs using the modern technology. My First computer was a Windows 95 machine and used Cubase 1.1.

I eventually switched over to FL Studio 3.5 in 2004 and things were sounding a lot better than the Korg workstation keyboard i bought in 2001, I remained with FL Studio until June 2016, although still using it very slightly

In June 2016, I switched to Presonus Studio One 3 Professional. Sounding even much better. I’m totally amazed with how everything works in Studio One, the workflow is amazing, making it so much faster to integrate ideas and the sound clarity is really something.

My Studio Gear


In this Studio, I have written over 303 songs, 
recorded 39 solo personal albums and One album for a local client.

My current studio comprises of
2 x Windows desktop machines (7 & 10)
1 windows 10 laptop
1 Android tablet

Korg N364 Workstation keyboard (now used as MIDI controller)
Presonus Eris E44 Studio Monitors
Presonus USB AudioBox with condenser mic

Mixing & Mastering

Mastering Service:

Allow me to Mix & Master your songs for both CD & Online distribution, Preferably Online medium mastering,
with sites like Bandcamp, itunes, Deezer etc..

Again, I stress very formally that I am NO “Professional” at this, However, I have at my disposal, the tools necessary to perform these tasks

The DAW I Use is Studio One 3 Professional

For mixing I use Neutron 2 Advanced (This is a new plugin that has just been released)

For mastering, I use Ozone 8 Advanced (Also a brand new plugin just released)

For mastering, I use Ozone 8 Standard (Also a brand new plugin just released)
I’m only just starting out with these tools but these tools are very powerful & can come close enough to the big studio Mastering
These tools are known Industry standard tools…
If you believe that you should only use real professional services, go right ahead,
however, I’d like to feed myself as well..
I won’t provide any proof of any work I’ve done on this..

Song Doctor

Let me be your “Song Doctor”

You have a song you’re not sure that is working for you the way you think?

Damian Smith

Music Composer, Vocalist & Engineer.

Getting stuck on ideas for the structure of your song? 
Need some help with Lyrics?
I MAY be able to help you get the most of your songwriting abilities.
I say MAY in caps because I know what it takes to write a good catchy song
but at the same time, I’m no “professional” at it, I’ve not done any formal training in the area
BUT I have the experience of my own and am able to read a person like a book..
I’d like you to try me out..

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